How do I do this? By building you frameworks that connect content with contributors. Your work represents unique, creative opportunities to develop points of engagement online and off.

I’m looking for individuals on a mission. Let’s create a deeper connection between your brand and how your team and community engage it. If that interests you, let’s talk There are advantages to building community frameworks.

A creative incubator should inspire the organization. Sometimes, it’s as simple as creating an unexpected moment of joy.

Why Me?

I build exceptional teams that do exceptional work.

Together, we can develop a culture for the organization based on the needs of our shared community. Engaging communities in real-time de-risks innovation and gives back to the community we serve.

Throughout a project-based journey, we value “soft skills” like vision, insight and emotional intelligence. Hard skills are a prerequisite, but it’s the soft skills that make an exceptional team. When the journey ends, your organization has artifacts – frameworks, talent, and engagements – upon which to grow your organization. Opportunity attracts talent, a culture keeps talent.

DeKoven’s strength as an urbanist and entrepreneur comes not only from his scholarly and first-hand experience but also from his genuine passion for people. His efforts to empower citizens to have a hand in shaping the kind of world he’d like to see through powerfully designed technology stem from his understanding that tech alone will never knit our communities together.

 - Kaz Brecher; Executive Director, Yoxi

DeKoven is an amazing collaborator and has unique insight at the intersection of digital
products and social impact. He is of the utmost integrity and uses creativity to uncover
opportunities for large brands and communities to mutually benefit from each other. 

- Skot Carruth; CEO, Philosophie

Let's collaborate!