thrdPlace is a Social Venture that builds Enterprise SaaS Software for Community Development.
Tactical Urbanism are (semi) permanent changes to the built environment intended to improve local neighborhoods and city gathering places.
Future Scouts provides 21st century skills to support 21st century humans.
TEDx supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community.
SB Poster
Starting Bloc is the future of leadership.
Disaster Recovery is a covenant between an individual or organization and a service community to support permanent change
The Glo Lab produces Glow Day - a wholistic wellness experience curated with fitness classes, spa treatments, workshops and, of course, a bottomless rose bar!
WholeSam is healthy comfort food. Eat. Good. Food.
Tonya Cherie Hegamin is a Professor, award-winning Author and Advocate who uses her personal journey as "the only one in the room" to deliver messages as a bisexual and (dis)abled woman of color for all to combat social injustice.