Hi, I'm DeKoven.  I love learning from people.  More to the point, I love taking a moment (or two or three) to walk in someone else's shoes.  I find that I learn a lot from how other people navigate the obstacles of cities to create a feeling of community.  I love technology but, let's be real, it's still the Wild West out there.  And it can all be a deeply messy, unscientific process - learning how for example to get to the other side of town, find the best watering hole or sniff out where you can safely park your car.  In the process and amid the chaos ... people create a life for themselves.

I invite you to join me as I explore other people's stories.  We will celebrate what makes cities unique and its communities significant.  Most importantly, we will explore how our subjects have shaped their journey or how, perhaps, how the journey can shape the subject.



What qualifies me for such an endeavor?  More than 13 years of community design work.  Sure, I have some degrees and leadership experience in community and economic design.  But that pales in comparison to lessons learned walking the back streets of Chinatown to find the best dim sum, biking new neighborhoods to celebrate Ciclavia or following graffiti'd embankments and mural'd walls that from the train car window, tell a story not your own. 

Follow along.  I will attempt to discover human "truths" without the bloat of academic rigor and statistics.  I will reiterate recurring themes in an effort to teach.  More than anything, however, I will champion Projects Worth Spreading in your community.